EXHIBITION ON SCREEN™ is the originator and pioneer of bringing exhibition-based art films to the cinema.

Twelve of these feature-length documentary films have already been made – with secured access to galleries and exhibits worldwide for future seasons. Season 4 has four films currently being screened worldwide including films on Bosch, Monet, American Impressionism and Michelangelo. Previous seasons continue to be shown.

The brand EXHIBITION ON SCREEN has been enthusiastically received by both public and press.

It is in 1,500+ cinemas in more than 50 countries and over one million seats have been sold. This is a wonderful resource for audiences worldwide – from Caracas to Cape Town, Berlin to Brisbane.

Executive Producer & Director Phil Grabsky has been making documentaries for 30 years and is a multi-award winner. For the past 15 years he and his colleagues have been both a major independent producer of arts films for TV as well as a pioneer (and largest producer) of cultural documentaries for the cinema. Phil has extensive relationships with galleries around the world. Institutions such as the National Gallery (London), Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Tate, MoMA, Hermitage, National Gallery of Art (Washington DC), Royal Academy and many more have worked with us and are keen to make further collaborations. These cinema films need experienced film-makers with years of experience making arts films in and about galleries and museums. That needs to be allied with distribution expertise. That’s what Seventh Art Productions and EXHIBITION ON SCREEN have, uniquely, to offer.

After the cinema screenings, the films are then sold to TV and placed on-line & on DVD. They are intended to be ‘legacy’ films; films that are, for many years to come, the first-choice of consumers interested in these wonderful artists & exhibitions. Our experience in selling to TV and marketing DVDs is second-to-none. The millions who will see the film will have a unique record of a great exhibition and in-depth account of the artists and their period.

It is a perfect match for any gallery’s public service remit. Our own success is breeding imitators in this field but, while others may promise, we deliver.

If you are a venue wishing to show any of our recent films, please email lgibson@seventh-art.com.

Audience feedback:
Janet S Miller (via Facebook)
“Phil Grabsky and his company provide an important and wonderful gift with EXHIBITION ON SCREEN.”

Mary Draper (via Facebook)
“There are lots of small American museums that would benefit from the EXHIBITION ON SCREEN approach. Most European visitors are not likely to see those collections unless someone films them. I wish there were unlimited funds available to make these films. They are so well done!”

Tricia Murray (via Facebook)
“As well as visiting art galleries, which we do in every city we visit, this is a great medium to learn about the artist and their life and consequently the influences on their paintings.”

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