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Van Gogh Museum
Van Gogh Museum?
Axel Rüger – Director

“It has been a great pleasure for the Van Gogh Museum to work with EXHIBITION ON SCREEN on Vincent Van Gogh – A New Way of Seeing. The film is one of the most revealing portrayals ever made about Vincent Van Gogh and his work and it also provides a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes of the museum.”

Latchis Theatre, VT
Latchis Theatre, VT – Member of the Board

“I have to say I have never seen an audience be quite as motionless and as drawn in by a film as they were. People were utterly engaged in that superb documentary you made.
We had a smashing first weekend of Exhibition on Screen presentations at the Latchis Theatre. We are a small town, and that attendance already makes EOS our most popular special screening program, outdrawing the Met Opera Live in HD. One patron said “Could you do this every day, please?”

The National Gallery, London
The National Gallery, London – Dr Nicholas Penny, Director

“The National Gallery believes in this innovative partnership with Phil Grabsky and EXHIBITION ON SCREEN, as it is through the medium of film that these exhibitions can be enjoyed all over the globe.”

The Wallace Collection
The Wallace Collection
Dr Xavier Bray, Director

“EXHIBITION ON SCREEN’s treatment of the 2015 Goya exhibition at the National Gallery in London absolutely did the works justice and allowed the audience to view Goya’s mastery of art in uniquely fine detail. The film also enabled audiences to appreciate Goya’s work in its original context, providing a unique way of understanding some his masterpieces and essentially bringing Goya to life. The EXHIBITION ON SCREEN series has created a wonderful way to preserve one-off exhibitions and continue to be invaluable resources for those wishing to explore European culture and heritage.”

National Museum of Art of Catalonia, Barcelona
National Museum of Art of Catalonia, Barcelona
Eduard Vallès
Senior Curator, Modern and Contemporary Art

“The projects of Phil and his team can be seen around the World, with a wonderful quality of images, which is very important for the art works. I’ve worked with Phil as a curator of my museum in the film Young Picasso. And as a viewer I’ve seen some of this films before our collaboration, that’s the reason I’ve accepted to work with him. His professionalism and his knowledge of art is a great contribution to the promotion of art in the world.”

Mary D Fisher Theatre
Mary D Fisher Theatre – Programmer

“We LOVE your programs, and we absolutely want to book them again for here.”

Florence Griswold Museum, USA
Florence Griswold Museum, USA – Amy Kurtz Lansing, Curator

“I’m sure you will hear from several of us, but I wanted to congratulate you on the film. The Artist’s Garden turned out so beautifully and the changes you have introduced since the rough cut you showed us in the fall made such a difference. Our audience was delighted, and Jenny, Jeff, David, and I were really pleased with the production. The audience was engrossed with the story and gorgeous footage, and amazed to see their familiar museum up on the big screen. The way you ended the film also feels so topical given the political climate here. Well done!
All the best, Amy”

Musée d’Orsay, Paris
Musée d’Orsay, Paris
Laurence des Cars, Director

“The principle of EXHIBITION ON SCREEN is essential because it is responding to the requirement of our age, which is a requirement for education. The films complement the role of museums. It’s a way for the works to travel differently in image form and its extremely important in the world we live in… Anything like this that contributes to enabling us to give to the most diverse audiences that there are around the world the keys to understanding art is an excellent thing.”

Royal Academy of Arts, London
Royal Academy of Arts, London – Susie Gault, Head of Press

“Thank you so much for making such a beautiful and successful film! The press coverage has been outstanding and it has been extraordinary to see the reach of the film’s distribution. I was in Nantes in West France last weekend and was so happy to find the film’s poster in the local cinema. I have it on good authority that the cinema received at least 206 visitors last night to see the film. It has been a great pleasure to work with you on making the film.”

National Gallery, Oslo Jean-Yves Gallardo
National Gallery, Oslo
Jean-Yves Gallardo – Director of Communications

“EXHIBITION ON SCREEN Munch 150 is a fantastic supplement to the exhibition and gives the audience new perspectives on Munch’s paintings and a unique insight into the artist’s mind. For Norway’s National Museum and the Munch-Museum, working together with Phil’s team has been a tremendous experience! The film has received critical acclaim among museum staff, the press and the Norwegian audience.”

Mauritshuis Emilie Gordenker, Director
Emilie Gordenker – Director

“Thanks to EXHIBITION ON SCREEN, the Mauritshuis can share its collection and its story with people throughout the world. The elegant production and thoughtful script add an extra dimension, even to those who know the collection well.”

Tate – Sir Nicholas Serota, Director

“EXHIBITION ON SCREEN makes great exhibitions coupled with new scholarship and opinion available to all. It is a brilliant idea that breaks new ground in reaching audiences across the world.”

MFA Boston
MFA Boston – Programmer

“The Bosch film did very well last month. I’m very pleased with the response!”

Art Critic
Anne Ellis – Art Critic

“Wonderful, I think this is a way for the future.”

Asa Bennett, Composer
Asa Bennett –

“Loved the new @SeventhArt film about Renoir…Thought provoking stuff…”

Jeffrey Dennis, Artist
Jeffrey Dennis

“I went to see the Degas film and really enjoyed the whole thing. The editing, the interwoven commentaries and the music lead you through a compelling and refreshing succession of insights about his life and work.”

Narrator, Goya
Narrator, Goya – Leda Hodgson

“The film was superb, beautifully made and informative; a real treat and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

Stephen Fry
Stephen Fry

“A splendid idea!”

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