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Press Reviews

“Not only does this film enrich our understanding of Pissarro and Impressionism by bringing the artists, their art, and circumstances alive, but will also immortalise this wonderful show… giving it a longer legacy than any exhibition run ever could.”

Oxford Times

“The most extensive documentary ever made about one of the most significant artists in history.”

Sydney Herald



“Whatever your faith, or if you have none,
there’s something of considerable interest here.”

The Guardian


Daily Mail

“Enlightening and beautifully presented.”

Mature Times

“Raphael Revealed offers abundant opportunities to view an array of Raphael’s masterpieces up close in the context of the Rome of the early 16th century. One of the richest achievements of European art and culture once again becomes accessible and understandable.”

The Imaginative Conservative

“This wide-ranging documentary relays the full breadth of Raphael’s achievements.”

The Guardian

“Few before or since have captured subtle emotions so well, provoking such empathy in the viewer. Captured on film in turn, they allow viewers, no matter where they may be, to look into the eyes of figures who died centuries before they were born and connect with them. This is something rare, something real.”

Eye for Film

“Films such as… The Danish Collector are an invaluable step in ensuring that art is shared widely”


“Photographed and directed by David Bickerstaff, this fine documentary focuses on the work of Dutch collector Wilhelm Hansen and his wife Hennie.”

MV Times

“This beautifully realised documentary showcases a treasure trove of some of the finest Impressionist artworks ever painted.”

Sydney Arts Review

“a cultural highlight this month”


“impressive visuals and authoritatively informed comment… a fascinating picture of the story behind Vincent’s floral masterpieces.”

The Guardian

“an extraordinary film.”

Martha’s Vineyard Times

“an incredible piece of event cinema.”

Screen One

“Mesmerizing and incredibly fascinating”

NY Press News


The Independent

“A very watchable film about an ever-intriguing figure.
Peppered with copious commentary from the usual top-notch academic and curatorial talent, [the film] strikes a fine balance between her life and work”

The Guardian

“Fans…are in for a treat with the brand-new insightful and intensively researched documentary FRIDA KAHLO.”

Film and TV Now

“A fascinating, at times darkly disturbing film, we see Kahlo’s passion and lust for life, people and politics come vividly across in this film, similar in some ways but quite different to other recent biopics about Kahlo, which highlights the source of her obsessive inspiration, productivity and endurance.”

Sydney Arts Guide

“Looks at the drama of the paintings, and goes into great detail in the company of very learned critics”

The Robert Elms Show, BBC Radio London

“Accompanied by a jazzy score the doc conveys the energy and charisma that seems to spin off each hypnotic portrait.”


“A well-rounded Study. Art lovers will enjoy the explication of Freud’s working methods, the close-ups of cruddy brushes; while gossip-fanciers will lap up the ‘bad boy’ anecdotes.”

Total Film Magazine

‘Undeniably impressive… the cumulative effect of seeing one masterwork after another roll across the screen is amazing. As gallery films go, this is pretty monumental.’

The Guardian

‘You’ve seen Mona Lisa a million times, but never this close’

Total Film Magazine

‘Perfectly lit and crowd-free tour of the greatest museums in the world’

Vancouver Sun

‘An illuminating film’

The Guardian


Country Life

‘You will never look at a Van Gogh painting in the same way again… The film features fascinating insights from a variety of Van Gogh experts’

Mature Times

‘Fascinating and refreshing documentary with such intellectual rigour. On the huge canvas of a cinema screen, this is an unforgettable experience’

Daily Express

‘Engrossing detail and elegance, charged with charm and finesse’

The Guardian

‘A treat to get an artsy fix at the cinema. This is definitely on our cultural hit-list’

Scottish Woman


The Guardian – Read More

An inspiring documentary’

Home & Gardens

‘Don’t miss’

Artist’s & Illustrators

‘Captivating film’

Home and Country

‘Engaged commentary and accretion of detail. An excellent primer for the artist’s work, this is a film that thoroughly repays careful listening and looking’

The Guardian – Read More

‘This fascinating and informative documentary is a must’

Mature Times – Read More

‘2nd coolest thing to do in London this week’

GQ Magazine – Read More

‘Privileged access to Hockney’s creativity’

GQ Magazine

‘To have a film that captures all those great moments within the exhibition is a wonderful thing’

Country Living

‘A probing and celebratory documentary on the work of Britain’s greatest living artist, David Hockney. With Grabsky at the helm, you know the images will be both beautiful and revealing’

Straight weekly magazine

‘Impeccable production values, comprehensive, a plethora of historical detail and nicely shot’

The Guardian – Read More

‘Perfect for those wanting an introduction to his work and life, based around a stunning public exhibition’

Daily Mirror

‘An insightful, comprehensive documentary on The Queen’s Gallery’s dazzling exhibition’

Mature Times – Read More

‘there is no excuse not to be feasting your eyes – and your soul – on Michelangelo: Love and Death’

Mature Times


The Oxford Times

‘An intense journey’


‘relatively unploughed territory, documented with meticulous care’

The Guardian

‘No crowds, no aching legs – and the chance to examine the art’

The Times


Town and Country Magazine, UK

‘Elegant and Graceful’

The Guardian


Sydney Morning Herald

‘Intense and intimate’

The Observer

‘It’s time to wake up to a new way of seeing art’

GQ – Read More

‘’typically intelligent and deftly photographed’

The Oxford Times – Read More

‘’Five stars! Dreamy and astounding’

Film News – Read More

‘the film adds detailed views of the canvases, tours of otherwise inaccessible artist’s gardens and interviews with modern artists’

Homes and Antiques – Read More


The Herbarium Project – Read More

‘It’s an intoxicating wallow and you’ll come out buzzing with ideas’

HouseBeautiful – Read More

‘Best thing to do this week – see Renoir – Revered and Reviled from the pioneering cinema series EXHIBITION ON SCREEN’

Daily Express

‘An interesting film’

The Guardian

‘A fresh perspective on Renoir and his work’


‘EXHIBITION ON SCREEN paints a captivating portrait…these are unrivalled art films! ’

Country & Town House Magazine – Read More

‘Enjoyable, lucid and intelligent.’

The Guardian – Read More


Time Out Magazine

‘An exhilarating visual feast’

Evening standard

‘The most significant Impressionists show we’ve seen in two decades’


‘Fascinating theories and titbits abound, and the way these canvases reflect light renders them newly immersive on the big screen. An enriching experience.’

The Guardian

‘One of the best films I’ve seen depicting the life of Vincent van Gogh…worth the watch.’

On the Box – Read More

‘Insightful and Exciting!’

Christie’s: The Art People – Read More

‘A brilliantly insightful documentary!’

The Upcoming – Read More

‘Art fans will rejoice in this insight into Vermeer’s beautiful and enduring painting’

Sunday Mirror

‘This documentary will inspire and impress art enthusiasts globally’

Globe and Mail


The Courier Mail, Australia

‘This brilliant, brave blockbuster reveals the true Rembrandt’

The Guardian

‘Even if you’ve already seen these exhibitions on tour, this film series will give you exclusive access and content that can’t be seen elsewhere.’

The Hollywood Times

‘Fascinating insight into the genius of Rembrandt!’

Wells Journal

‘Go see’

Vanity Fair

‘The result is a mesmerizing and educational spectacle suited for the big screen – and accessible to anyone.’

The New York Post

‘The way the film captured Matisse at work, bringing his artistry to life, was genuinely inspiring’

Apollo Magazine

‘The quality is so high in the filming.. you can see details you’ve not seen before’

The Art Newspaper

‘A great balance of expert opinions you’d never otherwise have the opportunity to hear’

Daily Telegraph

‘Truly touched my heart’

Hollywood Today


Toronto Star

‘Stunning paintings in high-definition glory on the big screen’

This is London

‘Grabsky’s film is comprehensive, smart and highly informative’

The Art Newspaper

‘Beautifully filmed…the remarkable life story is threaded deep into every canvas displayed in the film’

Daily Telegraph, Sydney

‘Engaging, with sensitively rendered dramatic reconstructions’

The Oxford Times

‘Enlightening, engaging, absorbing and riveting’

View London

‘Vividly told life story’

The New York Times

‘Sound, informative & intelligent’

The Observer

‘Paintings shown in breath-taking detail’

The Daily Mail

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